Welcome! Thank you for visiting the online store for Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd. Here, you can order the Wave Genetics products within the different categories listed in the menu above, including an Individual Matrix (with or without a photo), the Universal Matrices and the KIK Informational Creams. The Gariaev-Mishin Modulator and EMF-free headphones are listed in the Equipment category.

If you have accessed the online store directly from an external link and need to read more about Wave Genetics and the testimonials in order to decide what you need to buy, you can visit the main Wave Genetics website via the Wave Genetics Info button of the menu. This main website has all the information about the different products as well as an explanation about how they work and testimonials. 

The Equipment category has some hardware options to play your healing Matrix sounds with when you get them. The Gariaev-Mishin Modulator uses not only sound but Mishin coils to deliver the healing information and frequencies directly into the body with a torsion field that has been shown to have health benefits in its own right.

If you need audio equipment to play your Matrices from the USB memory stick your Matrices are recorded on, there are suggestions across a range of prices, ease of use and playback options.  They are all hi-fi quality playback. The cheaper versions have limited functionality and may not have a playback on loop facility, so make sure you have everything you want before ordering. The cheaper options are very easy to use which makes them ideal for those who are more technologically challenged, or with visual impairment.  The more expensive audio kits have higher functionality, including the ability to stream music with some of them so that you can play normal music between your Matrix listening sessions. 

NB: These audio hardware players are sold and supplied via Amazon. Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd is simply providing a link to equipment we have found that can play both WAV and mp3 music files from a USB. It is not an exhaustive list by any means and some devices may no longer be available, so I advise searching further afield to see current options that will fit your requirements.

If you have had success with a product, please leave a review so that others can better understand what they might expect.

Please also checkout the Affiliate Scheme options that can be accessed via the link in the footer. Whether you're an Influencer on IG, or just buying for yourself but who might recommend Wave Genetics to a friend or family, there are commission payments as a thank you from us for your referral. Please choose just one of the affiliate options!

NB: Please be aware that prices will fluctuate according to the GBP:EUR exchange rate that is beyond our control.  At some point prices will have to be increased as VAT becomes compulsory on sales. All prices are listed in GBP and any bank transfer should stipulate the full GBP figure to arrive. Bank charges are variable according to your bank and are your responsibility. Card payment avoids this for you but you may need to pre-warn your card issuing bank in advance or they might decline the payment.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please just ask.

Yours in health,


Roger Meacock,
CEO of Wave Genetics (UK) Ltd and Official Representative for the Institute of Linguistics, Wave Genetics

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